2d and 3d Designs - Triple Point

2D & 3D Designs

2D & 3D design is considered the most important step in building and construction. 

2D Design

two-dimensional drawings are often designed on the AUTOCAD program, and this map expresses the initial plan implemented by the decoration company, knowledge of the main items and the initial visualization of the place.
This map is considered a solid covenant between the client and the decoration company.

3D Design

These designs are implemented on the 3D Max program, and they are designs that give you more features and different characteristics than what 2D designs give you. 3D designs are considered more realistic, and help you more imagine and see the future, as potential interior designs are implemented based on your desire and personal preferences.

A group of specialized engineers will prepare and display the interior design of the apartment, building, administrative or commercial headquarters, after discussing it with the client and knowing his requirements and desires, so that the engineer can make a detailed model of the project and present it to the client in boring detail, starting from the color of the wall and floors, all the way to the gypsum board flooring.