Electrical Works

We at Triple Point design and implement electrical works for homes, companies and various facilities within the levels that must be observed in accordance with the code and the necessary engineering conditions under the supervision of a specialized engineering and technical team.

We provide the following services:

Electrical designs:
After completing the architectural and structural design work, the plans for the electrical works are started, and these plans are designed by calculating the building’s electrical loads, which include all the loads for the electrical and mechanical works, while adhering to the electricity company’s specifications.

Electrical diagrams:
After completing the calculation of the electrical loads, we begin designing the plans for the electrical works. These plans are divided into the lighting unit distribution plan and the power distribution plan. The electrical plans are designed, including all approved electrical load systems, and all electrical executive plans are prepared, with the electrical details being worked out with the latest technologies in this field.

Electrical installations:
The main step in making electrical extensions is to develop an executive plan for the electrical works and necessary installations in the place, such as the number of circuits, electrical outlets, locations of electrical switches, and lighting points, in order to determine the standard amount of the various electrical loads per square meter in order to make technical calculations based on the various estimated values ​​of the loads.