Wall Works

It includes all different types of paints, such as water-based paints, oil paints, plastic paints, epoxy paints, and velor paints.


Water-based paints are known for their ease of use on interior and exterior walls compared to other types of wall paints.


Oil paints are characterized by their rich colors and can be used on almost all surfaces, but care must be taken when dealing with them due to the release of strong and toxic fumes from them.


Plastic paints are considered one of the most common types of modern water-based dyeing at the present time, due to their ease of application on walls and their reasonable prices for everyone.


Epoxy paint is one of the best types of paint that is widely used in painting walls and floors in homes, warehouses, garages, restaurants, and factories.


Velvet paints are known as one of the finest and most luxurious types of decorative paints ever, as they are distinguished by their pearly, crystalline appearance that adds elegance and luxury to the walls.


Wallpaper is a wonderful interior decor option for decoration, covering interior walls and hiding their defects. There are many types, shapes and colors, and it carries wonderful specifications, advantages and characteristics.

Simple decorative touches can transform your home into a wonderful and unique design, especially when we talk about wallpaper. Simply put, wallpaper is considered one of the most important elements of modern decor recently.


Wall paintings play a pivotal role in determining the aesthetic character of any space, whether commercial or private.

The majority of people tend to use large wall paintings as an amazing way to decorate the wall of the home or workplace. They add a lot of appeal and luxury to the place in which they are placed. In addition, they reflect part of the individual’s personality and express his interest in originality and monotony.