Alumetal Works

Alumetal has an important role in recent times, as many rely on it in the design of windows, doors, and kitchens.

the types of alumetal:

PS Alumetal :

This sector is considered one of the best alumetal sectors and the most widely used in the work of facades of buildings, kitchens, windows, doors and balconies, because compared to other sectors, we find that the PS sector is characterized by heavier weight than other sectors .

PVC Alumetal:

Aluminum doors and windows, which resemble metal, can be affected by some external factors such as heat, expansion and contraction, especially at intersections. PVC industries offer the best solutions for the industry, without restrictions on their use at all times, because they are made of vinyl, a chemical compound derived from oil. Its scientific name is polyvinyl chloride, which is converted into plastic. It does not affect expansion and contraction, but the molding of the section is the same so that a door or window can be a part, which is the main difference.