Expertise Areas

Specialists in all aspects of interior and exterior building designs, finishing works, electronic systems, and information technology.


Commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all dealings, ensuring trust among clients, partners, and employees.


Dedication to delivering high-quality workmanship, materials, and services that meet or exceed client expectations, ensuring durability and longevity of constructed projects.


Focusing on understanding and meeting the needs of clients, maintaining open communication, and delivering projects on time and within budget


Embracing innovation in construction techniques, technology, and sustainable practices to improve efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and offer creative solutions to clients' challenges.


Prioritizing the safety and well-being of employees, subcontractors, and the public by adhering to rigorous safety standards and procedures on every project site.


Pursuing ongoing learning and development opportunities for employees, embracing feedback, and striving for excellence in all aspects of the business.

Our Services

We offer leading services in the design and execution of interior and exterior works for buildings and architectural structures. Additionally, we provide a wide range of services in information technology and data centers. Our team of specialists ensures that all services are carried out to the highest standards of quality and excellence.


Interior Works

Design and implementation of interior works for homes, villas, construction buildings, decorations, furniture, etc.


Exterior Works

Design and implementation of external facades for homes, villas, and construction buildings of all kinds


Constructing Works

Engineering drawing and planning of buildings, constructions and foundation works, and providing the highest quality equipment and materials used in construction work.


Information Technology and Data Center

We carry out infrastructure work for institutions and companies using the latest technology and modern systems to rotate business activity within institutions.


Triple Point is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with many fields in which it works, including designs and implementation of buildings and residential facilities and business development using modern technology and systems.

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Other Services


Smart Home

Allow you to have greater control of your energy use, all while automating things like adjusting temperature, turning on and off lights, opening and closing window treatments, and adjusting irrigation based on the weather


Queue Management System

 enables government offices to deliver high-quality services and improve citizens’ waiting experience by actively managing the visitor flow with multiple queues and clear communication with an elevated waiting area design containing displays and digital signages.


Interior Design

make indoor spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items.


Marketing and Advertisment

We work to provide distinguished solutions in the field of marketing, advertising and publicity. We provide highly professional services in the field of graphics and videos, motion graphics and 3D videos.