Interior Door Works

Interior doors are considered a necessity in homes, especially as they are used for privacy inside the room at home, There are many types of interior doors in homes and they are often made of wood, as the quality of wooden doors varies according to the quality of the wood used in their manufacture.

the types of Interior Doors:

Classic Doors:

There are many forms of interior wood doors, which vary between beech wood, oak wood, and wooden arched doors. These doors are characterized by luxury and are usually heavy in weight and expensive, so they are often used in villas and palaces, due to their being at the top of the list of the latest interior door models.


This type of modern interior wood door is also one of the most widely used types in villas and private residential palaces. These doors are distinguished by their frames made of natural Swedish wood, and inside the frame the space is filled with closely packed German Fontex panels, which in turn works to give the door the required durability.

Wooden Sliding Doors:

Wooden sliding doors are interior doors made of wood, simple and flexible at the same time, as they can be used for more than one purpose in the home. For example, they can be used to divide a large room into two rooms as needed, or they can be used for rooms with a small area, and the idea of Wooden sliding doors can be used in wardrobes.